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Photograph of a rally in support of the Attica Brothers, in Buffalo, New York. Date unknown. Photographer: Jesse Drew.

Attica Chronology of Events

Attica Chronology of Events, Attica Brothers Legal Defense (1974)


National Lawyers Guild; New York, Feb. 1973.


Free the Attica Brothers Flyer, Youth Against War & Fascism (1972) This flyer was circulated by the Youth Against War and Fascism Party, and published by the Workers World Party paper. The flyer urges the release of the Attica Brothers in Attica, New York.

Awakening of a Dragon

Awakening of a Dragon-Attica Brother Jomo (Oct. 1974) This is a booklet produced and printed by the Attica Bond to Free Jomo. Jomo Joka Omawale was one of the Attica Brothers that participated in and led the peaceful Attica takeover at Attica Correctional Facility in Attica New York in September of 1971 that left over forty prisoners dead.

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